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Off the Grid: Recharge Your Creativity

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I’ve been away from social media and blogging for about three days.  I needed a break.  I’m in the middle of writing the first book in a series to be released in June entitled The Last Terran and I had hit a creative bump in the road.

Sure I have the entire thing plotted out, have created 15K words of backstory, have written tons of character biographies, but something was missing.  I needed to recharge the creative juices.


We met Kaylee’s friend at a gas station far in the hinterlands of Oklahoma and then followed them another five minutes deeper in, emerging in a secluded location in the middle of a hundred-plus acre family farm where sat a cabin sans electricity or running water.

It was perfect.  No laptop, no cell phone, no problem.


I returned from that hike (later to take another along some cattle trails) with an epiphany of sorts rattling around in my head.  Not only had I found a new point of conflict for the hero of my novel, my whirring imagination had begun to devise many other sub-plots and deeper symbolism to use in my current project.  As I talked to my new friend, ate camp-fire hamburgers, boiled water for coffee, I discovered that I needed this trip away from the grid to get myself back on track with my current project.


It worked for me.  Perhaps it could work for you.

Well, enough of this.  I have to get to work.

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