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Oklahoma Tornadoes: Victims In Need

This trampoline in the Pecan Valley area of Little Axe is embedded in a twisted tree after an EF-3 tornado destroyed a large community of kind people.

I am sure many of you reading this blog have seen nothing on the news but the tragic destruction of Moore, Oklahoma.  However, there is a community hit by an EF-3 tornado the night before these terrible events who are being missed by the media entirely.

I live and work in the Little Axe community, and our community is spread throughout the wooded hills of Pecan Valley, Newalla and Little Axe proper.  On the 19th, an EF-3 ripped through this community and we are desperately trying to funnel money and supplies to this hard hit area.

Millions of dollars have been flooding in to the Moore community (and that is much needed) but it would be great if we could help this mostly poverty level community rebuild their lives.  Many of them did not have homeowners insurance and are relying on the surrounding neighbors and small businesses to help them.  We have been helped by Boar’s Head Meats and an Arkasas based company so far, and the Little Axe community has been pulling together with what resources we have with a clothes closet at the elementary school and local churches, but it would be awesome if anyone reading this blog could help out as well.

If you would like to help the Pecan Valley tornado victims directly, a fund has been set up by Little Axe Baptist Church that will go to purchasing needed items for these families and will help them rebuild their homes and lives.

You can send a check to:

Pecan Valley Tornado Victims

C/O: Sunny Stewart

3405 168th Ave NE Norman, OK 73026-9017

Anything, however small, will be appreciated.

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