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On Using Memes to Market Books

For self-published authors, one of the most difficult hurdles is marketing that new book.  Most of us use the go-to of the Kindle freebie or the .99 cent mark down, and using one of those services that will tweet out your book details to their army of tweeps can be useful most of the time.

Another way to get the word out is to create cool memes that will show up on Twitter at the most opportune times.

I created a couple of memes as an experiment to see what would happen if I posted them.  So far here are the two memes:

Here are some tips for creating your own memes:

  1. Find a good quote from your writing that is a signature sample of your individual style.  Make it a good one, something catchy that makes a reader want to know more about what is happening in the scene.  The shorter the quote the better.

  2. Find an image on unsplash.com, pixabay or check Casey Ark’s article about the 14 other sites you can peruse images.  The image should reflect a visual of what you express in your chosen quote.

  3. Use Pixelmator or GIMP or another image editor to slap the text onto the image, but make sure to size the image properly as it will cut off the text if you don’t.  The size for Twitter images, for example, is 1200×630 pixels.  You can also check this handy cheat sheet that provides all the social media image sizes in one handy place.  Also, make sure the text is placed on the image in the proper color so that it is highly visible.

  4. Post to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or all of your social media with a link to where to buy the book.

Happy memeing!

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