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Podcast Preview: Why Self Publish?

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In this week’s episode, we discuss the benefits of self-publishing and discuss in depth about our experience in this field.  We give some very good reasons to self-publish and also offer many tips that will keep a self-publisher from pulling out their hair (and if you’ve seen my picture, you know that I have done a little of that).

As per our format, we also spend a little time talking about the death of Peter Parker.  We will always devote a portion of the show to discuss fanboy topics and hope that our listeners will be entertained, intrigued, and secretly disgusted that these two nerds really care deeply about the death of a comic book hero…

…OF COURSE WE DO!  What a horrible thing to do to Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.  I guess you’ll have to tune in to the podcast to find out our verdict and where we think this epic (although chump-like) death will play out in the comic book world of Spiderman.

In upcoming episodes, we will discuss how to land an agent, things Tolkien can teach us about writing, marketing yourself, and many other useful topics…plus all the geeky fanboy stuff we’re into.  Yeah, that’s fun…and hopefully funny.

Enjoy, because we do this for you. <cue canned laughter>

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