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School Begins and Writing Continues


Today I am attending yet another in-service meeting to begin the teaching year and I’m completely ready to start the year.  It looks like a good year this year even though our legislature is populated with tons of anti-education dogs, our governor thinks we are all slugs, and money is (as always) tight.

Of course I’m completely busy with getting my room ready for the students, re-writing my syllabi to accommodate any new rules and regulations added over the summer, and generally doing all the housekeeping with the various programs I run at the school.  In the interim, when I get time, usually at night after everyone is in bed…I write.

Currently, regardless of starting a busy school year, I am trying to edit through an audiobook I recorded of my latest book Come Apart, I’m working on these troublesome short stories that will be released in a future compilation tentatively titled Headless White Horse, and I’m of course blogging, writing a newsletter to go out to those who have subscribed via e-mail and trying hard to stay focused. (Not to mention my internet has been down since Sunday!)

My encouragement for you today is to write no matter what your circumstance, find time to get out the laptop or plop down in front of the desktop or whip out the yellow legal pad.  Figure out a time (even if it’s an hour a day) to sit down and write whatever comes out.  Don’t let your life get in the way of making progress on that novel or short story or poem.  

Someone out there wants to read it.  They desire to read it.  They will be enriched, entertained, or touched by your words.  

Don’t disappoint them.  Get to writing.

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