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Self Care Is Necessary

This morning I'm sitting in a Jimmy's Egg here in Norman just taking in the week. As a colleague expressed yesterday, it seems that each week leaves us like the passing of a hurricane lately.

Tuesday, a hail storm rocked our town, dropping baseball and softball sized hail on a swath of houses and cars and further frazzling my students. There hasn't been a week this school year that hasn't caused us to say (as my colleague so poignantly put it) "that was a great week". We've had COVID-19, straight rows of desks, online "schooling", legislators bent on siphoning public school funds to charters and private schools (a new law requires a citizenship test to graduate), freezing pipes, a hail storm, and deaths in the community from this plague. Whoever stole the tiki idol from the evil temple needs to put it back right now!

Today I pick up my new bike. It's a Momentum Transend E+ made by Giant. It has a trunk bag, headlight, tail light and an electric motor for pedal assist. The other day I picked up some Bose earbuds. Sure, these are some pricey items, but I'm budgeting for my sanity. I'm writing now more than ever. Even though there are some struggles we are facing emotionally and as a family, I'm taking care of my mental health by treating myself a little.

im also proud to say I have lost 19 pounds since March 23rd, and still plan on losing another 15. The bike will help with that, and the earbuds help me listen to music to drown out the neighbor's incessantly barking dog while I write my novel. (By the way, this book is some of the best writing I've done in years).

My advice to you in these trying times is to take care of yourself. I'm not saying you should buy thing last to make you happy. Do the stuff you love. Spend time with those you love. Read something or write something that is close to your heart. The troubles of this world will soon pass. The bad stuff can't last forever.

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