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Sometimes You Need a Friend to Kick You In the Britches

I've been making a lot of changes in my personal life lately. I've lost over 16 pounds since March 23rd. I've started a new novel. I've started a new website. I'm soon to start a new podcast called "Planet Pantser", which is just me writing stories by the seat of my pants and then sharing them verbally.

Honestly, I have really fallen down on one of those things I started, and that was my work in progress. I set a due date for May, then it turned to June, and now it's more like July. It's probably just a novella, but at least it's something.

Well, a friend of mine who co-hosts a podcast with me (Three Cylinder Stardrive) told me that there is a science fiction/fantasy convention in August in a nearby town and wanted to get a table to not only promote the podcast but sell my books. The problem there is that I haven't published a new book in three years, and I didn't know if I'd have the current one done by then.

But see, this is where it gets interesting. I don't want to look like the dorky writer who isn't writing. I want to have something new for people to buy when they sidle by my table. I have a slick website, will have a couple of podcasts going, and a good backlog of books. I'll need some new business cards, but mainly I need a bunch of copies of my new book.

This means I'm going to have to get going on that novel or novella nearly every day if I'm going to finish, get it edited, commission the book cover, and then get copies printed. Sometimes it takes a friend kicking you in the pants to get going. Just say thank you and get busy.

So... Thank's Richard. You don't know what your gesture means to me, but you did something great today. Thanks for the motivation.

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