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Summer Plans

I'm sitting at Fuzzy's Taco Shop enjoying an unsweet tea and so glad to wave bye-bye to the 2020-2021 school year. I made it. I'm still sane. I'm enjoying a brief rest before scoring AP exams next week.

This summer will be one I will not take for granted. Every summer I try to rest up, but I don't think I ever understood what that meant until this school year was finally over. Its just now starting to sink in, the fact that I just ran the gauntlet through probably one of the most challenging years I've ever endured as a teacher. I suppose I weathered it well, but I am indeed needing a break.

I've started working on the novel again, and in a few days I'll finally get to use the gaming table I built over a year ago. It is designed for roleplaying games and has a 42" screen built in it for displaying maps. I'm working on a brand new podcast where I just dramatically read the mountain of short stories I've read over the years. In a few weeks I'll be spending a week in a resort in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

My advice is to enjoy the little things. I'll be riding my bike all over town this summer, writing random blog posts, and generally enjoying myself. "Don't take life too fast" may seem like a cliche, but it is indeed necessary to recharge after such a hard year. Next school year will be better, and until then I plan to rest and recreate.

And write that book...

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