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Summer Ride Journal: 6/4/21

Biking around Norman OK is a great way to relax. Today I popped by the public library to return a book I didn't need to reserve and met two photographers from Minneapolis. They were doing a photo shoot at the library and invited me to get in a few shots with my bike. They needed some suggestions for eats around town and I pointed them to The Winston and Das Boot Camp on Main. Both are local and great.

Pictured above is Steve Smith. He is a retired bounty hunter and nuclear welder who plays music for people around town, bringing smiles to everyone he meets. You'll sometimes see him on campus corner or in front of the diner on main playing his guitar and singing everything from Muddy Waters to Coltrain.

This is such a great town. I plan on writing more of these journal entries on the fly as I zip around on the beast (a Momentum Transend E+). There are so many interesting people and sifts to see right outside my doorstep.

Safe travels.

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