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Summer Ride Journal: 6/7/21

Today I took a journey to the market across town to score some rice and broccoli for tonight's stir fry. On the way back the wind picked up and even with the electric motor I struggled to get up to my usual speed.

Halfway back to my house from the market is a little coffee roasters and lab called Yellow Dog Coffee Company. I'm not sure as to their political leanings (and who cares anyway) because the coffee is indeed choice. The folks here at the Yellow Dog know their coffee, and sitting around the shop are bags and bags of fresh coffee beans.

If you have the time, you can watch them roast the varied beans in their huge yellow roaster, and one cannot help but catch a whiff of the lovely aromas wafting out onto the street outside. I bought some medium roasted decaf from the folks at Yellow Dog last week, as I grind my own in a hand-crank coffee grinder and either use a pour-over funnel, a coffee press or moka pot. I must say, the light chocolate flavor is wonderful.

I will head back in a moment after drinking this tasty iced americano, but if you want great coffee, Yellow Dog in Norman is indeed a great choice.

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