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The 90-10 Split

Yesterday I posted a blog post about my thoughts on why I assign homework.  I had some very interesting responses and some of you even suggested some rather rash (and humorous) ways to deal with the problem of students who simply choose not to do homework assignments.

Today I thought I would like to offer a grading strategy that is being used in a nearby school and would like to see what the blogosphere thinks about it through commentary:

Possible Grading Policy: All homework assignments and daily work are worth 10% of a student’s grade.  All projects (i.e. essays, collaborative papers) and tests are worth 90% of the grade.  Students are not penalized for not turning work in, but if a student fails a test they are tutored for a few days, but if they failed to turn in any homework assignment related to that test, they must turn in all of those assignments before being allowed to re-take the test.

In this wise, students are only being graded on performance and not on behavior.  It seems like a simple solution to a very ugly problem.  I must reiterate.  Homework is necessary in my class (A) because I need to know on a daily basis the student’s understanding of the material and (B) I need to know that a student can perform on their own without the help of others (we do a lot of group work in class).

Think about it.  Mull it over.  What do you think?

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