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The Amazing Amanda Hocking

Listening to NPR yesterday in the car I heard a story about Amanda Hocking, the best selling e-novelist who is now a $2 million signed author.  I was encouraged by her amazing story.

Amanda is a high school grad with some community college courses under her belt who is from a small town and did not have anything published at all before hitting it big in the e-book market.  She was rejected by every literary agent she had written to (like myself) and had decided to publish her supernatural romance novel to Kindle, Smash Words and Nook.  Her success was at first slow, but last year she sold her millionth copy of her novel on Amazon Kindle.  Soon, the publishing companies came to her with their tails between their legs looking to sign her.

I would like to congratulate Amanda on a successful career and let her know that there are probably millions of other authors out there who are trying their darndest to publish, but have been hitting the glass ceiling of literary agents and publishers who won’t take the time to read some of these authors who are very good and could be very popular if given a chance.

Well, now all of us can have a chance at publishing our books through the medium of e-readers.  It is indeed changing the way people buy books.  Here’s hoping I can be another Amanda Hocking.

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