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The Headless White Horse: My New Short Story Compilation

Well, it’s finally here.  The short story compilation has arrived, and thanks to Jack Johnson I have a fun promotional video to show it off:

The synopsis of each story in the collection is as follows:

  1. “Rust” – Mars is now a prison mining colony where each prisoner has their own mine…and their own robot warden.

  2. “Shade” – A lone astronaut is marooned on a harsh world where the sunlight can kill, but the horrid thing living in the only shade may be worse.

  3. “Baphomet” – There is no telling what things lurk in the darkness of a forgotten Egyptian tomb, but one hapless bulldozer operator finds out.

  4. “Edge” – A paraplegic teen just wants to photograph birds at the edge of the tree line unaware that something lurks in the forest beyond.

  5. “Radio” – While on a long trip across the desert, a bored radio listener tunes over to the AM band only to discover a horrific secret.

  6. “Siri 6” – In the future, what will our automated internet assistants be capable?

  7. “Ruin” – One man’s obsession with righting a past wrong runs him afoul of one powerful entity who tries to show him the truth.

  8. “Horse” – A tale told by my father one day when we stopped on a lonely strip of dirt road just south of a trellis bridge.  It still gives me nightmares.

  9. “Rakshasa” – A story my oldest daughter swears is true, and if it is I should get a bigger fence.

  10. “Dark” – Those afraid of the absence of light often fight an active imagination a curse.

  11. “Mitsuki’s Journal” – A journal of one of the main characters of The Terminarch War.  The journal explains how she arrived in the jungle and how she became a hermit.

  12. “The Coup” – A tale of the journey the Terrans made from our solar system to the Five Rims, and the evil that desperation causes.

  13. “The Shibboleth Code: Chapter 1” – The first chapter in the third book of the Five Rims Series.

If you want to get a copy of it, click the cover to the right —->

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