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The Story Clock Method for Novel Writing

I just purchased the story clock pdf by Seth Worley. It's a method used for mostly screenwriting, but I'm using it to plot out and plan my new novel.

So far, my experience is very productive in that I have managed to get a ton of character creation done, jotted down some possible themes, and decided on some major plot points. It has given me the needed fuel to burn through writers block and get on with the nuts and bolts of outlining.

Of course, if you are a pantser, you may think you couldn't benefit from such a thing, but think again! This tool helps you visualize a story like no other method. Even though Stephen King says that notebooks are where good ideas go to die, he's a consummate pantser, and so you planners out there should get this wonderful tool.

The PDF is only $40 and you can print out as many story clocks as you want. I love it, and as a planner I'm going to be ready as ever to participate in NaNoWriMo. The PDF is loaded with things like a fill-in-the-blank form for planning the genre and inner workings of plot creation, a bunch of blank clocks with templates for every genre, and Seth has created a ton of video tutorials for how to best use the clock.

I recommend you get this, for anything else but to give you one more great tool to help you reach that goal of writing your book.

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