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  • Roger Colby

The U.S. of After Chapter 55


I woke up on a bed.

“Just lay back,” said a woman in white.  “You’ve had some nasty gun shot wounds but you are fine.  Just lay back.”

I felt darkness take me, washing back over me after that old redneck did what he did.  I made him pay for it, that’s for sure.  Made him pay.

I could see the ceiling far overhead, lights that might have been stars on the white ceiling.  Is that salt I smell?  It’s getting so dark.

“Shhhhh,” came the voice of the woman again, but I was not able to move my arms or my legs, and there was some intense pain in my stomach where farmer joe shot me.

“You did good, soldier,” said a firm voice in my ear, a man’s voice, a voice full of gravel.  “We’ll talk when you get well.  Until then take a breather.”

I felt the world slip away from me then, and I could see the shape in the darkness of someone standing over me, his slender face grinning, his wild dark hair billowing in a wind that was not there, and I realized that he was…

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