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This Week’s Roundup: 8/30/2012

Sue Grafton at Bouchercon 2009 in Indianapolis...

Sue Grafton snobbishly gaffs about self-publishers being lazy.

1.  E-Book Price Fixing Punished – The U.S. Department of Justice finally nabbed some price fixing companies.  They will have to reimburse customers over $69 million.

2.  E-Books Worldwide – Yet another story proving that the e-book revolution is here to stay.  More and more international authors are jumping on the e-book publishing bandwagon.  According to this article 1 in 5 people in the world have read an e-book.

3.  Sue Grafton Gaffs – Story about a well published author claiming that self-publishers are lazy and that “real” writers publish traditionally.  She is promptly corrected.  She doesn’t know how much work I put into my books.

4.  Purchasing Book Reviews? – Ethically, reviewers are supposed to give a non-biased review of an author’s work.  However, this article shows that the idea of paying someone to write a review (and paying extra to get a positive one) is not only unethical but it completely ruins the credibility of self-publishing a book.  It’s awful to think that people pay this guy an exorbitant fee to write 50 or so glowing reviews about their poorly written jumble of nonsense.  It floods the market with chaff.

5.  Twitter Teaches Us to Write – If you are not using Twitter, then you should.  It is the best medium by which to vent about your writing projects, but Mallory Jeane Tenore shows us that it can also be used for honing our writing skills.

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