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Today’s Birthday Gift Was Amazing!

birthday cake

This might be a great cake, but this birthday had much more in store.(Photo credit: freakgirl)

Today I turned 42 years old, and jokingly I tell my friends that I am now the meaning of life, the universe and everything.  As we get older, birthdays invariably run together, and we only celebrate the decades.  I remember as a child I anxiously awaited my birthday because there would probably be a party (however meager, but I didn’t care) there would be cake and there would be ice cream and possibly presents.

My family came together today to offer the cake (gluten free, of course) the ice cream (rocky road) and I was given a fantastic card by my mother who simply printed out a picture of my late father and I.  In the photo one would not recognize me as I was wearing my Empire Strikes Back Boba Fett costume in the Christmas parade all those years ago.  All of these gifts were great, but the best gift came from my blogger friends and now the heaps of new followers I have managed to con into following me. <grin>

Check out these stats:

blog stats 1-17-13

I was chugging along there at 150 per day, then 200 per day, and now I turn on my computer to find that I (as of nearly 8:00pm central time) have seen 6,116 views in one day.  It’s all because the right set of people stumbled upon another one of my Tolkien articles gleaned from the wisdom of the master of fantasy’s letters.  A while back, I wrote several articles about what Tolkien thought about writing and they are still some of the highest trafficked articles on my blog.

My thanks go out to all those people who re-tweeted, who re-blogged, who Facebooked and Linked In.  Blessings on all of you, and thank you for making my birthday very special.

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