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Trooping the MDA Muscle Walk: Supporting a Worthy Cause

Pictured left to right are Jango Fett, Boba Fett, Daniel Jim's custom Mando and then Yours Truly in the red and black.

Saturday Oklahoma City had it’s annual Muscular Dystrophy Association “Muscle Walk” which gives volunteers an opportunity to raise money for this very worthy cause. I attended to support it by wearing my home-made Mandalorian armor and “trooping” with my friends of JediOKC, an Oklahoma City Star Wars Collector/Fan Club.

As always, it was the most fun a kid at heart like me could have while helping MDA raise money to help in the fight against muscular dystrophy. As a teacher I have had experience teaching students with this debilitating disease and if dressing up in crazy costumes and becoming a human photo op is what I must do, then so be it.

Shawn Lippe as Darth Vader and Yours Truly in my Mandalorian costume.

Most people don’t know this, but Muscular Dystrophy is not simply one disease. At least 42 different forms of MD have been identified. These diseases for the most part attack muscle control. They afflict from 250,000 – 350,000 in the U.S. alone and an average of 200 men, women and children are diagnosed with some form of the disease every day.

Unfortunately, the research being conducted on MD is severely expensive. Research grants are not enough, so the MDA relies on your donations to foot most of the bill. The money is also going to send children with MD to summer camps where they play games, meet each other to form networks of support groups, and learn positive ways to cope with the disease.

When I attend these events, I see children who should be out playing and running with their friends confined to wheelchairs. As a father of four it breaks my heart. These kids deserve a life without this disease.

You can help. Simply follow this link and donate today. Any amount will be helpful. You can designate the money to go generally to MDA or to research, clinics, summer camps, summer groups or to any of the many forms of this disease.

You can also get involved in a Muscle Walk near you or get involved in several other fund raising events.

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