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Under the Dome: Stephen King Talks Writing Brass Tacks

Cover of "Under the Dome: A Novel"

Cover of Under the Dome: A Novel

The new miniseries based on Stephen King‘s best selling novel Under the Dome premieres tonight on CBS at 9 eastern time (U.S.) and there was a great live chat with him that you can view below where he answers questions from Twitter and talks about the processes he uses as a writer.  There are many wise writing gems offered by him and it is well worth a look (even though Under the Dome was one book that disappointed me because I felt that the ending was a little silly, i.e. what is causing the dome).  However, King inspires me because, like me, he was a high school English teacher at one time who is now (and has been for years) a best selling icon.  Enjoy the video and take notes.

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