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Use Everything to Promote Everything

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The fact is, I was ready over a week ago to release it, but after talking to a friend who had one of his brilliant ideas I realized I was missing out on an opportunity to promote my other books.

The short story compilation I’m publishing is called The Headless White Horse, and is chock full of stories about monsters, things that terrify me and some science fiction that tickled my brain.  However, as my friend pointed out, everything I do needs to promote the other books I’ve written.

I have included a couple of backstory short stories for my space opera series The Five Rims.  These two stories will give a little insight into the events of The Terminarch Plot and The Terminarch War.   I have also included the first chapter of the third novel The Shibboleth Code, which will hopefully make readers of the short story want to check out the other books.

The idea here is to use everything to promote everything.

Use any chance you get to promote your other work through your current project.  This might mean short story compilations targeted at giving backstory to your current novel or inserting a blurb or two about other books you’ve written at the back of your current book.

Hopefully you can gain new readers from someone who just likes to read short stories.  Short story compilations are usually cheaper than the larger novel and are easier for people to pick up.  In those short stories, show the reader what you are capable of creating.  Those short stories should be your best work.  This will lead the reader to (hopefully) check out the other things you have written.

I will wait and see what will happen with the short story compilation and whether or not it leads to more sales of the series.  We indie writers have to use every opportunity to get our work in front of others.

Don’t miss any of them.

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