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Weekly Roundup: 10/20/12

I am feverishly working to ensure that Book 2 of This Broken Earth is 10 times more exciting than Book 1 (even if it is nearly half as long as the first installment).  The first installment took place over the course of a couple of months, but it only takes the The U.S.S. Ronald Reagan 7 days to sail from the Gulf of Mexico to Israel.

While surfing the net this week for choice articles about writing I ran across a few.  Here they are:

1.  Game of Thrones Editor Talks About Writing – Best selling author Jonathan Gunson over at Bestsellerlabs interviewed Jane Johnson about what makes a best seller.  She has some very good advice that every aspiring novelist should read.

2.  Mo Ying’s Success – Bai Ping over at Chinadaily writes about what has made Mo Ying a success and how we can learn from this great writer.

3.  Amazon’s New Feature Causes Anxiety – Yep.  You may have heard of this, but Amazon now features a little bit of information for each book sold in their catalog: Author popularity.

4.  Mythbusting Writer Stereotypes…Sort Of – When you read the title of this article you might be shocked.  This study was comprehensive and very wide.  I’ve always heard this about writer psychology, but was shocked at the findings.  All I have to say is…not me.

5.  Blogging As a Means to an End – Jennifer Lyons wrote this fantastic article that analyzes the connection between blogging and being a successful writer.  Worth a look!

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