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Weekly Roundup: 9/21/12

It has been a busy week, but now I am off for my annual trip to Ennis, Texas where Conner and I and a few friends will attend the NHRA drag races.  This will be our third year at the races, and it looks to be a great weekend since it will be 80 degrees and sunny.  We have great seats, halfway up the stands looking directly down on the starting line.  I’ll write all about this on Monday, so look forward to an article with many pictures.

This week’s articles have to do with writing in general.  Please check them out.

1.  Advice – New York Times bloggers Amanda Christy Brown and Katherine Schulten have some great advice for writers that is practical and worth trying out.

2.  Report Card – The national report card was released this week about the state of student writing in colleges.  It is troubling.  I spoke to one of my former students this week who was appalled that her professor at the University of Oklahoma told her to go ahead and use “I think” to begin claim sentences because he “wanted students to find their voice.”  I hear more and more stories like this about college comp professors requiring less and less of students, watering down standards of the English language.  Where will it end?

3.  Cliche  – I don’t really cover business writing that much (except in my classroom) but this article has some great tips for avoiding cliche in business writing.

4.  Decoding Self-Publishing – Warren Adler at the Huffington Post has a great article about the intricacies and cultural revolution of the self-publishing industry.  He outlines the history of the market and predicts where it will go as well as giving some real world encouragement for all self-publishers.

5.  The Shades of Grey Effect – Yet another article about the effect that Shades of Grey has had on the market.  I am not really that excited about the subject matter of this novel, but it has caused a firestorm of self-publishers out there to go to work and hang those hundred or so automated rejection notices they received from literary agents and publishers to strike out on their own.

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