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  • Roger Colby

Welcome to the New Site!

I had a site once. Those were glorious days. Now I'm back with a better, bigger website and hopefully I will be bringing you new and wonderful content on a weekly basis.

The website has this blog, choc full of almost 900 searchable posts about my observations traversing the nuclear wasteland that is the indie publishing racket. You'll find everything from my well-researched (and often plagiarized) article "Tolkien's 10 Tips for Writers" to my thoughts on story structure, writing your own novel, and all the ins and outs of publishing everything yourself.

I also have a placed all of my novels in a handy place where people can get their hands on them. I have print versions, Kindle versions an ePub versions for those who use iBooks or Nook. (Are people still using Nook?). Pretty soon I'll be posting audiobook versions as well, so look for that in the near future.

I also do podcasting (where does the time go?). One "Writing Is Hard Work", is a weekly foray into all things indie publishing where I talk about some of the tricks of the trade as well as interview other authors and creators. The other is a little pet project, "Three Cylinder Stardrive" where Richard Kutz and I talk about the worst movies you can imagine watching (and you should watch them) and once in a while we review an old pilot episode of some forgotten mutant of a television show.

I'm offering editing services, which, as a high school English teacher who already edits tons of essays (high school ones, no less) I'm a glutton for punishment, I suppose.

So here's to the joys of throwing down the digital gauntlet. I hope that you enjoy my weekly or bi-weekly blog posts as I get back into the writing game and work on a new novel. After that... I don't know. I will probably write a screenplay.

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