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Went to Sea World and Wrote Anyway: Travelog Day 1

Sea World Orlando

Sea World Orlando (Photo credit: xrayspx)

This week my family and I have traveled to San Antonio, Texas in order to take the kids to Sea World and then enjoy the San Antonio river walk the next day.  We are driving back Wednesday.

I also have 8 chapters of the first book of This Broken Earth, due out August 1st to finish by the end of the week.  I could probably lock myself away in a room on Thursday and Friday and get it done, but I’m a writer, and I plan to squeeze out a few chapters of the book even if I only finish one chapter per day.

Today’s journey was rather uneventful.  My mother is the co-pilot and the financier of most of the trip because she wanted to take the grandkids to Sea World now that they are old enough to appreciate it.  She rented a 12 passenger van and we are all together, my wife, four kids and my sister’s two teenage kids.  It took us 9 hours to drive down here and I’m totally exhausted.  We swam, I taught my youngest daughter to swim (without a life preserver) and we have had a blast so far.

I plan on getting up early in the morning and churning out a chapter at least.  Tomorrow’s post will be much more exciting as I will be posting pictures of Sea World and the awesome fun we will have there.

Looking forward to it.

The moral of all this? I want to prove that a writer can write and still enjoy his vacation with his family and not miss a moment with the family.

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