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What is "The Liege Dossier?"

I've launched a new podcast. Yes, I already have a podcast called "Three Cylinder Stardrive" which I co-host with the most amazing Richard Kutz where we review horrible movies, but this is a type of podcast I've been wanting to do for some time.

"The Liege Dossier" is an audio journal fiction podcast that is dramatized and set up as a weekly serial. It is based on a novel I was going to write eventually but didn't really know how to put it together. Basically, I was going to write a novel made up of journal entries, interviews, case studies and other creepy information that built toward a deep secret that struck at the fabric of reality. What better way to tell the story than in audio format?

I have a penchant for disguising my voice and also have enlisted the talents of others to put this thing together, and I hope that it can be entertaining and also showcase my storytelling abilities (such as they are). Not only that, it should be a blast to put together, and hopefully will pull some people toward buying a book or two.

I will say nothing here about the plot of "The Liege Dossier" in hopes that you, dear reader, will take a listen. The first real episode comes out next week, but until then there is a trailer to hopefully peak your interest.

I am also working on the current WIP due out in August (hopefully). I'll be attending a local convention to promote it, and I will also be promoting my two podcasts. By then, I hope to have several episodes in the can.

Happy writing!

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