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Who Do You Write Like?

Pageant of American Literature, view 3

Pageant of American Literature, view 3 (Photo credit: CT State Library)

I went to the following site where one can paste a portion of their current project into the analysis engine and find out which famous author is most similar to one’s personal style.  Here are the results:

Understand that my current novel is written so that each chapter is a different voice speaking.  I chose three characters from the novel to analyze, and found out that one of them reads as if Stephen King wrote it, another chapter looks like Chuck Palahniuk‘s work (Fight Club) and another chapter looks like Isaac Asimov.  Weird, huh?  I suppose I have something for everyone in my latest offering.

My first book, The Transgression Box, (according to the analyzer) reads like a Neil Gaiman novel.

I wonder which famous author each of you write like?  Paste in some text and find out.  You may find a new audience.

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