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Writing Article Roundup

This week as I was attending the AP Language and Composition conference, I had time during the breaks to peruse the internet for awesome articles about writing and indie publishing.  I have several this week, so let’s get to it.

  1. Mergers – This article on “Digital Book World” by Jack W. Perry breaks down what the recent mergers of Penguin and Random House, Apple’s court cases and Barnes and Noble’s shake-up at the top could mean for you the indie publisher.

  2. Author Interview – Katherine Howe, NYT best selling author of Physick Book of Deliverance Dane and The House of Velvet and Glass is interviewed by Tom Young about traditional publishing.

  3. Startups and Flying Machines – Dan Cristo published a blog post about startups.  It has some great information that could apply to indie publishers and how you could get off the ground.

  4. Creative Confidence Matrix – Mary Jaksch wrote a fantastic article about something she calls the Creative Confidence Matrix.  It’s a great boost to your creative confidence.

  5. Promote Your Book for FREE – Savvy Writers & e-Books Online has offered a list of 50 websites that will promote your e-book for free.

  6. Why Blogging Is Key for Creatives – Studiovox posted a fantastic article about why blogging is the most important thing a novelist or creative person could do to stir the creative juices.

  7. J.K. Rowling’s Failures – Sam Marsden at The Telegraph reports on a mystery novel by J.K. Rowling sent in under a pseudonym which was rejected by publishers.  Great story and will boost your confidence.

  8. The Importance of Mentors – Kelly Wilson over at Modern Life Blogs has a great article on the importance of finding a writing mentor to help you get clout in the publishing world.

  9. World-Wide Book Listing – This is a fantastic article from Savvy Writers & e-Books Online about how to list your book world-wide and several mediums to do so.

  10. Inklewriter – This is a very cool site which allows a writer to post their short stories and poetry on a world forum.  It is great for the purpose of figuring out what to write and will help those who are suffering from writer’s block, or if organization is a difficult thing to master.

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