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Writing Progress: A Villain Introduced

Word count: 7,006

Tonight was a fun writing session.  I finally was able to introduce one of the main villains of this sequel.  His name is Duuzra M’Hlaft and he’s a mixture of Boba Fett, a huge humanoid bat, and probably Snake Plisskin of Escape from New York.


As I have said multiple times, villains are not really good villains unless they have some logical and well motivated reason for why they are such bad guys.  Duuzra isn’t really a bad guy in his mind, but is a bounty hunter who is only in it for money, and possibly because the Terran race has so persecuted his kind for as long as he can remember.  His race, the Fraaz, live a long time, and some of them are still alive who remember the original conquering Terrans who came to his planet to subdue and enslave his people.

He was a young Fraaz, son of an emissary meant to welcome the new species to their planet, only to be betrayed by the evil Terrans.  Let’s just say he hates Terrans and for good reason.  He’s also driven by greed, which is a good motivator as well.

All that happened over 200 years ago.

But he’s funny, too, in a sick kind of way, much like Snake Plisskin is.

I look forward to many other chapters of his dialogue tickling the reader and making them cringe at the same time.

Whoever said writing is too dull is really not a writer.  I live for this stuff!

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