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Writing Progress: Even More Peril

Word Count: 7,567

Today was a good writing day indeed.  One thing that I think I’m pretty good at is putting my hero in so much peril it makes the reader sick trying to figure out how the poor guy (or gal) will get out of it.

My hero was (at the start of where I left him today) captured by a notorious bounty hunter, and then I caused his faithful companion to be taken away by the hunter just as a bunch of deadly beasts from my darkest nightmares bounded into the clearing where this was occurring simply to get a handy meal.

Well, there’s more to it than that.

The point is that I think placing a hero in the path of a steamroller of peril is pretty fun.  Getting them out of it can never be contrived or too easy.  It has to work, to make sense, and to keep the reader from cringing so much that they quit reading.

Guillermo will get out of it tomorrow, but it was a pleasure getting him into it, namely so that I could take out some frustrations about the fact that education in this state just took another 3% cut…when we are cut to the bone already.

Now I will reward myself with more good writing…The Blacklist comes on in about five minutes.  Entertain me, Raymond Reddington.

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