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Writing Progress: Female Lead Introduced

Word count of novel: 8112

Today I wrote a fun passage where my male hero, who thinks he is the last human in existence, find out that there was another human living on another planet all along.

And she’s female.

His reaction to her is at first fear because she is disguised to look like a primitive, covered in muddy rags and a wicker basket covering her head, but she reveals herself to him after seeing that he is human.  She is as shocked to see him as he is to see her, but she is in no way someone in need of saving.

She has survived in the jungle after being befriended by a species of apex predators that no one has dared get close to observe for fear of being torn to shreds.  Turns out that humans are safe from these creature’s attacks, but the reveal as to why this is true is something that will come later, and is one of the big mysteries of this installment of the series.

It would be cliche, I would think, to make her a love interest.  However, she will become just that over time.  She is not, in any way, interested in him.

Tomorrow I will write about her home and a little bit of the mystery as to how she has come to be the alpha of these ravenous whiptails.

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