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Writing Progress: Heroic Delusions

Word count after today’s session: 6,200.

Today I tried something interesting with my main character. Without spoilers, I had Guillermo experience something in the last chapter that to the reader seemed plausible. In today’s passage we find him in hospital recovering from his injuries and his doctor doesn’t believe a word he says about the experience. What I am attempting to do with this is to keep the reader guessing as to the reliability of the narrator. I did this in the last book, and hope to continue doing that in the sequel. However, this is becoming more and more difficult for me. Guillermo is not really a likable character. He’s gruff, kind of a jerk, and not really the choice person to be the last of his kind (which he is).

Today I played around with what he sees as reality and made him question his own senses, thereby causing the reader to question theirs. I hope I was successful, and in reading back over what I wrote today I think I may have done it.

We’ll see in future re-writes (and in subsequent chapters) as to whether or not I was successful.

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