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Writing Progress: Reaching the End of Something

Word count so far: 12,441

Today I have reached the end of where I have written a detailed outline for the novel and am now venturing into the territory of the skeletal outline.

Let me explain.

I work on a novel in stages.  I first use a mapping program like Mind Node to do tons of thought webs about characters, plot points, symbolic tie-ins, and a myriad of other things.  I then create a skeletal outline for the novel which gives me a general idea where I’m going.  Then I will flesh out a section of the outline into definitive chapters where I detail what is going to happen in those chapters.

Well, now it is time to take another section of skeletal outline and begin laying the sinew and musculature on that skeleton.  It’s a slow process, but because of Scrivener I’m now up to writing a scheduled 640 words per session per day I write.   That will keep me on a schedule that will see the rough draft finished by late April.

I also use these fleshed-out sections to recharge my writing acumen and move me forward.  In this way I’m not just writing chapters every day but writing some plot details down or enhancing the lives of these characters I’ve created.

If you take you novel is steps like this or like some other method you devise, it will go much more smoothly when you sit down to write those chapters and keep that action going.

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