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Writing Progress: The Conundrum

Word Count of Novel: 9399

I wrote some good dialogue today.  The female lead is really annoyed at the main character right now…and will be for some time.  It’s fun making their relationship complicated.  She’s pretty mysterious, but doesn’t really need him around after all.  The scary monsters I introduced in yesterday’s session have been one-upped by an even more scary and mysterious monster.

The best part is that I have put my hero in a real predicament that is not going to be easy for him to solve.  His partner has been kidnapped, he has been stranded on a strange planet, and he is in the company of a female Terran who is completely self sufficient and who is completely annoyed by him.

He also wants to know how she ended up on this strange planet and that is a mystery that will unravel with time.

I can’t wait to write the next scene…should be a chance for the humor within me to shine.

Premise: 1. He thinks he knows everything and is really cross and worried about what is happening to his partner.  2.  Her life was pretty good before this other Terran popped into her life and she’d just as soon get rid of him because she has more important things to do. 3.  She has no idea that the two of them are the last Terrans in existence because she has been isolated in this remote jungle.

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