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You Are Never Really Poor

You may have clicked on this article thinking: "Of course you can be poor! I can't pay my bills right now" or "I'm homeless, dude!"

Currently, I'm sitting in a public park under a pavilion where I found this drink lid which contained this battered old quarter. I'm sure someone left this quarter here for a reason. No, I'm not Anton Sugere (deep reference), but I am indeed living on my last quarter, currently.

I'm not sad, however. Even though I'm tortured by some heartbreaking things one of my children is currently doing, even though I have to wait until next Friday (payday) to go out or "be entertained", this lean time is teaching me how to just give things to God that I can't control.

I'm sure some of you might say "I'd rather not live by a cliche," and you have the right to say that, but I really feel that by doing this simple act I am reminded of all the richness of my life.

I have a wife who loves and supports me, four healthy children, plenty of food in the freezer, a job populated by awesome and supportive co-workers, and I've lost 30 pounds and am finally eating right.

The point here is to accentuate the positive. I know that's a trite thing to say, but life indeed goes deeper than that. You may be facing some horrible things, but don't give up. Don't quit believing that things will get better. God never promised that I'd experience heaven here on earth. I can try to spread His kingdom everywhere I go. That means to love even in the face of opposition and adversity.

If we do this, we can experience a richness of life that cannot be spent, but will fill us with joy unspeakable.

Well, back to the work in progress. Have a good one. And just love.

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