Using Scrivener to Create a Proof Manuscript

Scrivener does many things automatically that have to be set up manually in Word. One of the things it does for novelists, writers of nonfiction and screenwriters is that it will format your document automatically for submission to a literary agent. It makes your document look professional and sharp with just a few clicks of the mouse.

First, go to "File" and then "Compile". You will see a screen like the one below:

Beside the word "Format" select "Proof Copy" and then tick "Add front matter" and make sure you select "Manuscript Format". Scrivener works from several templates that are chosen when you begin a new project. If you have chosen the "novel", "nonfiction", "screenplay" or "play" template the "manuscript format" front matter is automatically in the Binder along with the "e-book" and "Paperback Novel" front matter. Front matter is simply the pages that will be inserted into the front pages of your book.

Once you hit "Compile" it will ask you to save it as "rich text" which is recommended. This is the best printable quality. When you are finished, you will get some front matter that looks like this:

Each page will also be stamped with a message at the bottom of each page that reads "proof copy - not for distribution". This doesn't discourage copyrighting (as you should copyright your document as soon as you get time and the measly $40 or so it costs to do it online) but it makes your document look professional none-the-less.