A to Z Challenge: April Fools Day Fail

Yesterday was a day without most of my children.  My oldest child, Conner was off at a boy scout camp out in southern Oklahoma.  My middle daughter Leigha (pictured above) was at a friends house all day and my youngest daughter Meagan was with her Grammy all day and since they arrived from their trip late in the evening, Grammy decided to keep Meagan through the night.

All of my vacationing children arrived at the house last night except for the youngest and we put them all to bed.  This morning, with the goal of getting them out of bed for church, I decided to play a little April Fools Day prank on them.  I crept into their rooms and told them all that Grammy brought Meagan home last night after they went to sleep but I could not find her this morning.  Kaylee, my oldest daughter shot right out of bed and wobbily began wandering around the house looking for her.  My son got up and put on his shoes.  I walked back by Leigha's room to see what she was doing and she lay in bed with her head covered.

"Leigha," I said.  "Your sister is missing!  We have to find her!"

"What day is it?" she asked groggily.

"It's April first," I replied.

"I'm not falling for it," she said, and sank back down into the warm covers of her bed.