Friday Roundup: This Week's Self Publishing Articles

English: Independent Television This week's roundup holds a fistful of great advice for self-publishers.  Being a self-publisher is a very hard life, which usually includes searching the internet for the best marketing strategy, creating a great cover, and using Twitter and Facebook like mad to market to an audience...not to mention blogging.  I learned a lot of great tips and tricks through the following articles, and wanted to pass on their knowledge to you.

1.  Lindsay Whiting - The author shares her expertise on self-publishing and how she was able to reach a wide audience.

2.  Ariel Ford - This author discusses several tips about publishing (i.e. Amazon Best Seller Campaign) that self-publishers should take to heart, even if the article deals with the traditional publishing world.

3.  Amazon Best Seller Campaign - Lynn Seraphinn has a great article about how to do an Amazon best seller campaign.  It's worth a look.  I'm going to give it a shot.

4.  Publishing Is Burning Bright - Phillip Jones at The Guardian has a great little article examining the success of 50 Shades of Grey and the future of the publishing industry.

5.  Marketing Website Launches - now has an online marketing service for self-publishing authors.  For $200 a month, they will do all of your online marketing for you and see to it that your book reaches a wide audience.  Hmmm... If only I could pay off my student loan in less than the 5 more years I have left on it...

6.  Ellyne Phneah - Ellyne explains the reasons that e-books still need marketing.  This article breaks down the relationship between e-books and the marketing world.