Nothing Like Snow To Help An Indie Novelist

The view outside my front door today.  Time to get busy working on the edit for "Come Apart" Today is a great day to write.

I'm a teacher by trade, and also an independent novelist, but sometimes my job makes me so tired that I have days where I don't have time (or am too tired from the job) to crank out any words.  However, this weekend is a Godsend.  School has been cancelled for Thursday and Friday, and it looks like the ice under this four inches of snow (so far) will keep us locked in the house for a few days more.

My kids have plenty to do, with Axis and Allies, Risk 2210, Heroscape, and later I'll take them on a journey through the Star Wars Roleplaying Game.  Out come the books and they go to making characters for their adventure.  Meanwhile I have plenty of time to crack open my latest novel Come Apart, and get busy editing it since I have purposefully not looked at it in over a week.

I should be able to get a great chunk of it edited this weekend between the movie marathons and the fun times with my children.  I have my bedroom where I can retire to work with the door shut for a few hours per day, and it should work out fine.

It is a difficult thing balancing work and a writing career (which is a full time job in itself).  What types of coping mechanisms do you have, oh reader?  How do you balance a full time job and a family and a writing obsession?  Post below, because I don't have all the answers.