Books In Print: This Broken Earth and Come Apart

At last I can announce that my books are in print and on Amazon Kindle.  Here they are, and where to find them: This Broken Earth - Final CoverThis Broken Earth - The world has ended...sort of.  Wandering through the apocalypse are a band of people simply trying to survive, but their lives, like our own, have a greater destiny not visible to the naked eye.  Follow this band of reluctant heroes as they journey south to New Orleans based on a hope found in a whispered rumor around a campfire.  They will face bandits, cannibalistic militia, and spiritual forces bound to destroy them, but with faith they can survive, must survive, for the hope of all humanity.

Print edition: $17.00 - Find it here.

Kindle edition: $2.99 or FREE with Prime - Find it here.

Cover Design - Come Apart - Final DesignCome Apart - In our lives there is always one event that we wish we could change, to travel back and make a step to the left rather than to the right.  Michael Prosper is one such individual who finds himself trapped in his own small town, his mind clouded with amnesia, a vague mist that slowly clears to reveal a waking nightmare of a life gone wrong.  It is the story of teenage Danny who also suffers from memory loss, but as the mystery unravels they both discover connections with each other and with the strangeness of the town that ultimately leads them on a journey within, and when the truth about them both is finally revealed, the curtain rises on choices that will forever alter their perception of themselves and the people around them.  Come Apart is Roger Colby's third novel, a science fiction mystery in the tradition of "Lost" and "The Prisoner".

Print edition: $12.00 - Find it here.

Kindle edition: $2.99 or FREE with Prime - Find it here.