My Article Published in "The Short Story Writer" Magazine

Short Story WriterA few months ago I was contacted by managing editor Andy Brinkley who publishes an iTunes magazine entitled "The Short Story Writer".  He was putting together an issue about the work of Philip K. Dick, and wanted to know if he could publish a blog post I wrote several months ago about what we can learn about characterization from one of the masters of science-fiction. The article is now published in the most recent issue of the magazine and you can add it to your iTunes Newsstand here.    What's even better, if you will contact me, I'll send you a code to get three months of the magazine free with no other obligation!

Otherwise, if you own an iPad or iPhone, it is a choice magazine to subscribe to (by actually paying for it) because Mr. Brinkley gathers together some very good information for those of us who write and submit short stories to magazines and contests.  They list hot leads on contests and magazines taking submissions.  They also have some very good articles about writing within the pages.

So go check them out, even if you don't read it for my article.  Keep submitting, too, because you never know who might publish your stuff!