Featured Author: Jason Meuschke

I first met Jason Meuschke (pronounced my-skee) a few years ago when he wrote in to a podcast I used to do called Fanboys on Fiction.  The podcast was about writing and science fiction, sort of like the podcast I do now.  Jason is a part-time indie writer just like me, so we hit it off pretty quickly.

Jason has been working on a novel for the past few years.  It's his debut novel, a supernatural thriller based near his home town of Warrensburg, Missouri.  I live in Norman, Oklahoma, so Jason and I don't get to hang out in person very much at all, but we have enough in common that we have become fast friends.  I just wish we lived closer.

Jason Meuschke at the place where he makes his dreams into reality.

Jason Meuschke at the place where he makes his dreams into reality.

"Nine Mile Bridge", his debut novel, is based on the Missouri urban legend, Nine-Mile Bridge and is the story of a haunted bridge and cemetery frequented by teens and young adults for decades who are looking for a scary thrill.

From the description: "Holli has no memory of the accident that killed her new boyfriend. Now she's haunted by strange dreams and people around town seem to treat her different. When rumors of paranormal activity at a decrepit old bridge begin to swirl, Holli sees a connection between those stories and her dreams. But while she questions what is real, a mysterious force has put sinister plans into place. Plans that include her future."

Jason gave me a little background about the creation of this novel.  He stated: "I used to go there, taking underclassmen to scare back in high school in the late '80s. My friends and I developed our own background story for the bridge as the rumors we'd heard were too various. Twenty or so years later I hear about a story in the paper back home that the bridge was demolished and rebuilt anew. At the time I was trying to decide what to write as my first book and this became my inspiration. I mean, the ideas were just rolling faster than I could write. Obviously I didn't get it done back then. Our lives changed dramatically moving from Japan back to Missouri as my wife retired from the USAF. A few years later, after the birth of my first grandchild, I got my butt busy on it again with renewed vigor that this is what I wanted to do in my life."

Having this first novel done at long last, he's enjoying every little success it has, each tiny milestone.  But he's also happily moving on to his next story and still having a blast with his podcast (The Sample Chapter Podcast). He can’t wait for warmer weather to go fishing, which is his other love.

The novel is now on sale for Amazon Kindle.  As stated, Jason has a podcast called "The Sample Chapter Podcast".  Just click the buttons below to get your copy of the book or go to the podcast page.