Blog Challenge Accepted!

Since I am part of the Rose Rock Writers writing group, I've decided to join Myloe Yeager in doing the blog challenge.  Basically this is a way for we bloggers to help each other out.  

The challenge from blogger Amanda McCormick is as follows: 

Your challenge for today is simple! Write a post introducing yourself as a writer! Talk about what you’re working on/what you have worked on! Talk about how long you have been writing and what got you started/why you do it! And then talk about why you’re doing this challenge! Bonus points if you link to other people who are doing the challenge!

So here goes...

I've been writing since I was 15, which means I've been struggling with this craft for a little over 30 years.  I have published 6 novels and am currently working on a science fiction novel told through interviews, voice memo transcripts, experiment logs and journals.  It is the story of one cub reporter who has uncovered the horrific machinations of an immortal who has promised to hand over our planet to a Lovecraftian horror in exchange for a genetic marker that can allow him to finally die in defiance of a secret society of super-humans.

I write to keep me sane.  I have to get the stories on the paper in order to make the voices stop.  That might sound mad in itself, but that is essentially the truth.  I write because it is therapeutic.  I write to entertain but to comment on current events in a fun and (most of the time) an allegorical medium.  Science fiction allows me to say what I want about our real-world society without writing an essay or an op ed about it.

I'm doing this challenge to join in with the group of writers doing this challenge.  Hopefully we can drive more traffic to our respective blogs, or at least band together for world domination.

The other bloggers (whom you should check out) participating in this challenge are:

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