Meditate on the Good Things

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I love listening to Russel Brand.  I also love to follow him on Twitter.  He is someone who sends a positive message to everyone around him, and that message is that life is more than the mundane and material traps into which we blindly stagger.  Life is good.  Life is wonderful.  Because of his positive message Russell seems to resonate with my writer's heart.

Like Russell I am someone who struggles with addiction, not to drugs or alcohol but other things that could potentially trap me in some horrible downward spiral.  I'm addicted to feeling bad about myself.

Call it depression.  Call it poor self-esteem.  Even though I'm a Christian and believe that Christ has freed me of the burden of sin I still get down on myself.  I need people like Russell in my life to remind me that there is indeed a higher power and that He has great things for me in the future.  The Bible tells me this, but people like Russell also encourage me greatly.

You need people like Russell in your life.

Each day lately I have been waking up and opening up my Bible app on my phone where I read a little devotional, read some scripture, then spend some time meditating on the positive things God is doing in my life.  

I have good health.  My wife and kids are healthy.  I have a job that provides for our needs.  I have a roof over my head.  I have plenty of food.  I have written 6 novels.  I am helping students at my job see their potential in a positive manner.  I still have my mom to talk to and enjoy in her golden years.  I have two more novels to work on.  All of our vehicles work.

I think that what is most important in this life as a writer (or as a human being) is that we don't get too negative and broody.  Sure there are bad political climates or bad things that can happen to us.  We are human and we struggle in this life.  I write books to calm me down, but I need more than that to assuage the horrific terror that is a depressive state of mind.

I have to do what the Bible tells me to do: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding; think about Him in all your ways, and He will guide you on the right paths" (Proverbs 3:5-6).  Also, Russell writes about how the Twelve Step Program has helped him to overcome his own addictions in his book "Recovery".  I think every writer who suffers from depression or other addictions should get his book and read it cover to cover.  

I'm going to start each day with positivity, meditating on the things in my life that are good and wholesome, trying to ignore the things that bring me down or want to get in the way of finding happiness.  In this active journey I hopefully shall overcome the downward spiral of depression day-to-day.  And, as Russell says, you have to recognize and acknowledge the need for a higher power to help you get there.

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