Shibboleth Code - Promo Cover.jpg
The 5 Rims Series Conclusion!

ISBN-13: 978-0989684163

Guillermo and Mitsuki, the last humans in existence, have survived their escape through the dangerous purple ionic cloud. Their broken gunship floating helplessly in space, they are picked up by a gargantuan dreadnaught, healed of their wounds, and given a place to rest. Little do they know that these new saviors are plotting an unspeakable evil, a plan to invade their former home, eradicate the bug Queen and dominate the rest of the Five Rims system.The third and final book in The Five Rims series, The Shibboleth Code is a wild journey through a previously unseen sector that will take readers from the expansive decks of the dreadnaught Victorum to the harsh post-apocalyptic wasteland of the planet Exile where discarded Terrans live in chaos. It is a journey of adventure and discovery, a journey that will lead our heroes on a quest for meaning, for an understanding of destiny, and a hope for a far off Eden.